Add Rolls Joys by dragging the button to your bookmark.
Bookmark Rolls Joys

1. Click, hold and drag the "Bookmark ROLLSJOYS" button to your top bookmark bar.
2. "ADD TO ROLLSJOYS" will appear on your bookmark bar.
3. Visit the product page you would like to add to your list, and click "ADD TO ROLLSJOYS" button.
5. Log in to your account and go to "Unpublished List" and you will be able to see the item you added.
6. Fill out the informations and click "Create Event".
7. You will be able to see your new event or on-going event in "Progress List" page.
8. Once the product reaches the goal amount or passes the due date, you will be able to see the product in "Completed Event List".
9. If you click the product it will take you to that product's detail and you will be able to finish or extend due date.

Supported websites!

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If your project/register is successfully funded, the following fees will be collected from your funding total: Rolls Joys’ 3.8 % fee, and payment processing fees. If funding isn’t successful, 3.8% fee for money transferring.

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